A Data Security Platform for the Full Data Security Journey

April 15, 2024
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Currently, the market for Data Security Platforms is loosely defined—the term is broad, and there’s no consistent offering in the space. At DataStealth, we see things a little differently. Our Data Security Platform is a suite of solutions bridged by common functionalities to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data. And the kicker for DataStealth, we’ve built it for enterprise, which means no code changes, no APIs, and no changes to user behaviour are required. 

Welcome to Ristorante DataStealth

Let’s use a timely (delicious?) analogy that’s helped crystallize our offering internally: a restaurant.

Our Data Security Platform is the kitchen—the space where we bring our solutions to life, time and time, again for our customers. Core components like Data Discovery, Classification, and Protection are the freshest ingredients that satisfy patrons. The solutions are the combinations of core components that create our Michelin-star menu, meeting customer needs and keeping them returning (and telling all their friends about it too). And finally, we can’t forget the unique, inimitable flavours found on our menu—like being able to discover known and unknown sources, or classification with virtually no false positives—that set DataStealth apart from anything else on the market. And sorry, no substitutions. 

Let’s use PCI Compliance as an example. Our PCI Compliance solution (an especially delicious meal) uses Data Discovery, Data Classification, and Data Protection ingredients to help customers protect their cardholder data and reduce audit scope. And it’s fresh out of the Data Security Platform kitchen. Make sense? Yes, chef! 

DataStealth’s Full Menu of Solutions

DataStealth’s full suite of solutions help you protect sensitive data on its way in and out of your environment, and everywhere in between. 

Data Discovery and Classification

The first step in any data security journey—discover known and unknown sources, and classify data with virtually no false positives.

Explore Data Discovery and Classification

PCI Compliance

A unique suite of solutions specifically tailored to PCI Compliance and the new PCI DSS 4.0  requirements: Reduce the scope of PCI audits. Secure payment card data. Comply with new PCI DSS 4.0 requirements.

Explore PCI Compliance

Data Tokenization 

Protect PII, PHI, or any data you deem sensitive in transit and at rest. Tokenization is the most formidable data protection method, substituting sensitive data with unrelated non-mathematical data. 

Explore Data Tokenization

Test Data Management 

Fake data that tests like real data: Create high-fidelity test data to limit the risk of exposure in non-production environments.

Explore Test Data Management

Dynamic Data Masking

Make your data usable cross-border and cross-organization: Mask data with granular access controls to only expose sensitive information to authorized entities. 

Explore Dynamic Data Masking

Ristorante DataStealth is not just another eatery in the vast dining landscape of data security; it is a destination for enterprises seeking a comprehensive, no-compromise approach to safeguarding their data. With our unique blend of innovative solutions, we’re excited to see where our new positioning takes us in 2024.